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Hunting Trips

Hunting Trips



Bulls Eye Marksman Gun Club can now offer you Great Hunting all across the United States.
Let us book your next hunting trip!


Read some of the comments we have received from our last hunt
in South Dakota at the West River Club in Burk.



Hunting Trip to South Dakota



When Doug told me that the pheasant hunting and the facilities at the West River Club would be "1st Class", I listened with a smile on my face. This would be a big order to fill. Wow! Was I mistaken! Everything was exactly as advertised. The clubhouse was like a land-locked cruise ship. Great food, satellite TV, a bar, a private bath for each bedroom and a comfortable bed. Indeed the facilities were "1st Class"!

The pheasant hunting matched the clubhouse. All of us got our limit each day and the hunting was exciting. When a pheasant explodes from the cover and heads toward you they look like a cross between a wild turkey and a dove… Big, fast, and able to dodge and ride the wind. – What a wonderful game bird to hunt…

If you miss the opportunity to hunt the West River Club with a group of friends from Bulls Eye Marksman – you will miss the pheasant hunt of a lifetime…

Bill Hackaday

"In a world of sheep even an old wolf may walk as a king."




I had a wonderful hunting trip to South Dakota. As you know this was my first experience hunting with a group. I used to hunt squirrel with my uncle when I was 12 years old and used that very same shotgun on this recent SD trip. It’s really hard to say what I enjoyed the most -the camaraderie with the guys, the lodge, shooting pheasant or shooting my camera to capture the moments.

Thanks again for the opportunity. Let’s book another expedition soon.


Bobby Campbell



January 21, 2007
To: Doug Clayton – Bulls Eye Marksman
Subject: West River Club Pheasant Hunt


I would like to thank you for the gracious opportunity to participate in the pheasant hunt at West River Club in Burke, South Dakota, January 9-11, 2007. Having hunted pheasants on both coasts and now in the heartland of the United States, I can truly say that my hunting experience with you and my fellow range patrons from Bulls Eye Marksman far exceeded any of my previous journeys to do the same. A genuine and unique experience among fellow sportsmen that I will not forget.

The accommodations were the best I have ever enjoyed on a hunt, period! Unfortunately, they have set a new standard for me that is now very high. From the full bar to the pool table, the sauna to the 42” HD LCD television, the spacious rooms with private baths to the large leather recliners - what could possibly have been improved upon? One thing, and WRC nailed it, wireless internet access that I had the pleasure of not using. This was truly a vacation first for me to not have a laptop cracked open, but it’s nice to know I can in the future when I return.

Better than the accommodations was the hunt itself. Beautiful wild pheasants that when flushed, almost seemed a touch faster than our shotguns or ammo could manage, almost. Reaching the daily harvest limit was not hard but the decision of heading to the comfort of the lodge and another walk through several food plots for a chance at more birds left me indecisive more than a few times. Of course, safety was upheld first and foremost at all times (I have actually walked away from hunts upon seeing mishandling of firearms).

Again, thank you for providing an unforgettable time in the field. Please share the wonderful photos that Bobby took sparingly. This is one of those hunts that you deep down don’t really want to share with others so as to ensure an open spot on the trip next time you load up and head to West River Club!

Jeff Orth
Cumming, Georgia